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There are two courses to choose from. An introduction to trail running navigation and a more advanced hill runners navigation course.


Trail Running Navigation - Beginners

If you are a road runner looking to take your running off road for the first time or have just started trail running then the Introduction to Trail Running Navigation course may be for you. The course introduces what trail running is, how to plan a route, how to navigate when out on the trail and gives general tips for what equipment you might want to take and how it differs ro road running. The morning is taken up learning about maps, trails, how to read a map, set a route and a few games. The afternoon involves a steady run so a decent level of fitness is required.


Hill Runners Navigation - Advanced

The Advanced Hill Runners Navigation Course is aimed at people who may be familiar with trail running but would like to take their running into more wild terrain. You will learn map skills, how to set a map, use a compass, how to navigate in poor visibility and what equipment you might want to take with you. The morning involves looking at maps, setting a route, the use of a compass and a few games to practice newly learned skills. The afternoon will include a long run into the hills so a good level of fitness is required.

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