Guided Trail Running

So what is trail running...???

Trail running is a broad term which generally means running off-roads and pavements. It can be on forest tracks, footpaths, over hills, through forests or anywhere the trail may take you....

That is the joy of trail runnning, it can take you into places you may not have thought of going before. Over many different terrains, rock, mud, dirt, sand, even water... The structure of trail running means you are not going to break any speed records, or get new pb's, but that's the point.. The terrain means no two steps are the same and you become more at one with your surroundings.. Trail running is best done at a pace where you can enjoy your surronds without constantly looking at your watch to see what your pace is.. Due to the varied terrain and rhythm at which you run you are also less prone to injury, as your body is not being subject to a constant pounding which you get while road running.


So is it for you...? 

Are you are a seasoned runner but finding the monotony of road running a little boring? Do you want to start running but don't want to run on roads? Are you a hill walker who fancies starting running? Do you want an exciting way of staying fit?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then trail running could be for you. It's not as hard as many people think and there are trails for all levels of ability.


So what next...?


Trail shoes are definitely something worth investing. Although you will be able to use road shoes on some lower level trails, as your confidence and adventurous nature takes you further afield then trail shoes are a must. Trail shoes offer the grip you need to take in the different types of terrain you will encounter.

Normal running attire will be ok to start with but again, as you look to go further afield you will need to consider extra clothing, map and compass, extra water and food.

Fitness level: Trail running tends to invole elevation, therefore you will be using certain muscles more than you would during flat road running. I find a good mix of cross training invaluable for building up core strength.


Trail running can be enjoyed by most people from first timers to elite ultra runners. If you are new to it all and want to try it out, or you are a seasoned runner and want to try trail running, book onto one of our courses, get in touch for advice or get onto a bespoke day out.

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